Apple Cracking Down on Apps for Children

Apple Cracking Down on Apps for Children
February 27 20:15 2020 Print This Article

t was a bit ‘of time that it was spoken. Too many in fact, the events and incidents of children who, using the iPad and iPhone were spending money without knowing mom and dad did not even realize, clicking on the app and banner ads. And if children represent a large slice of the users of tablets and smartphones (often borrowed from mom and dad, with or without their permission), Apple has finally revised its guidelines for applications dedicated to children. A measure due, in line with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the CUP, 1998 U.S. law that protects the privacy of children on the Web.

Ages’ – And if COPPA prohibits application developers from tracking users under the age of 13 and from offering them targeted advertising (the so-called behavioural targeting ), Cupertino now adapts. And, at the launch of the new operating system iOS7, does more. First of all, children under 13 years will be forbidden to have an individual account without the consent of a parent or a teacher. Good news if you think that in Britain 91% of parents who own a tablet said to leave it in the hands of children. And the good news in light of the fact that iPad and iPhone are frequently used by Italian children. According to data made available by the Digital Lab at the Book Fair in Turin, in fact, more than half of respondents eight hundred children (aged between 3 and 16 years) said he had already interacted with a touch screen. On ‘App Store was launched a special section for children in which the applications will have tighter limits. First, do not contain advertising and can not be traced to their online behaviour. Second, if you will postpone games and applications to external links, these can be achieved only with the permission of an adult. Then, the new app – as is already the case for video games – will be divided into age groups recommended (5 years or less, 6-8 years and 9-11 years).

MORE RULES ‘RIGID – The whole thing was announced at Apple’s WWDC conference in June and will be operational in the autumn with the launch of iOS7, at which will be introduced even stricter rules. As if to say, then, that if the programmers want to sell their products on the app store must adapt. In Britain, Cupertino is even looking for new professional figures and in the job appeared an ad for an App Store Kids & Education Editor.

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